Meet Ambassador Quincy!

Hi - I am Quincy, the official Ambassador of Kenmure Fights Cancer. As my logo says, iBark4Them!

My Kenmure Fights Cancer History

For those of you who are new to Kenmure, here's how I came to be the Kenmure Fights Cancer Ambassador.

In 2013 I traveled across the country with my human parents, Mike and Georgie Farmer. Dad rode his bike all the way - at the AMAZING age of 70! Mom and I were his support team. It was lots of fun and we raised lots of money for Kenmure Fights Cancer.Learn all about the ride and me in this Guide Dog Foundation Newsletter Article
At that time, I thought I was on the way to becoming a Guide Dog, but that was not to be. Turns out I am a "psychogenic water drinker." What's that? I won't go into all the details here, but you can read about it in my Dad's blog. Bottom line - I LOVE drinking water and what goes in must come out, entailing too many potty stops for a blind person to handle.

So, just as I was digesting the news that I didn't make the cut as a Guide Dog, I received a proposition from the folks at Kenmure Fights Cancer. They asked me to represent them and get my picture taken with the committee, the folks at Pardee and Park Ridge and donors to the awesome Treasure Trove raffle, to name a few. I answered with big WOOF! (That's YES! in human speak).

Ambassador Quincy says, "Kenmure is beautiful, even in the fog (and so am I)!"I am very proud of my special vest. It was made by my friends Miss Beckie (Ouderkirk) and Miss Patty (Truax) and my Mom. It has the Kenmure Fights Cancer logo on it and you have to admit, I do look quite handsome in it.

Ambassador Quincy says, "I love my KFC jacket. Thanks, Beckie, Patty & Mom!"

2018 update: These days, I spend most of my time sunning myself on the back deck, however I am occasionally able to attend Kenmure Fights Cancer events and even write an email or two.

July 20, 2020: Quincy died of a fast growing cancer called Hemangiosarcoma. It comes on very fast (3 days) without any symptoms. Fluid encased his lungs and left him with 5-10% breathing capacity. It’s a cancer that mostly affects dogs and is rare in humans.

Kenmure Fights Cancer, c/o Susan Bush, 2020 President, 328 Kenmure Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731

Contact: (828) 692-1281 or susan@libertymanuals.com

Kenmure Fights Cancer has donor advised and designated funds with the Community Foundation of Henderson County.

Website: www.cfhcforever.org                  Contact: (828) 697-6224

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