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As per the Bylaws, the Kenmure Fights Cancer Board of Directors voted that 50% of the funds raised in the year 2022 be donated to the Pardee Cancer Center.

"If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you want the best care available. What’s more, you want it close to home with caring doctors, nurses and staff helping you understand your diagnosis, your treatment options and the entire process in between."

The Pardee Cancer Center was opened in 2016 in order to "offer you comprehensive cancer services under one roof. In addition to diagnosing and treating your cancer, we offer a support team to help lessen your fears and guide you every step of the way. Pardee Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in Henderson County."                                          https://www.pardeehospital.org/care-treatment/cancer/

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    This is the 14th year that our funds have assisted cancer patients at Pardee. During this period, Kenmure Fights Cancer has raised more than $358,000 for this worthwhile organization. Click for year-by-year donations.

    Use of 2022 funds:

    Contrast Enhanced Mammography Software

    (Requested by Radiology Department and Dr. Jennifer McCallister)

    Cost of Software: $71,250

    The I-View Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) software is an emerging modality that combines our conventional breast mammography technology with a contrast enhanced image of the patient to improve cancer detection.

    These enhanced images provide greater detail when necessary to help the care team diagnose potential problems. This technique of CEM has comparable performance to breast MRI and can be used as an alternative if there are physical limitations due to patient anxiety or size, implanted devices or financial burden.

     Left: Standard 3-D Image

    Right:  I-View Contrast Enhanced Mammography Image

    Use of 2019 - 2020 - 2021 funds:

    Exciting news!

    The coach is under construction!

    If all goes as planned, we will be among
    the first to see it at our Gala Dinner on May 25!

    Mobile Mammography Coach:

    Pardee has identified certain geographic areas that have a high rate of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. The idea of taking testing directly to these areas was conceived in the Spring of 2019. Kenmure Fights Cancer kicked off the campaign with our donation that Fall. Production was anticipated in early 2020.

    • Since early detection depends on education, availability and the funds to make it happen, certain populations don’t get treated early enough.
    • In order to reach them, Pardee planned to establish a "bus" that will go into these areas and offer free exams. 

    Then, boom, the pandemic hit and all Pardee non-COVID-19 projects were put on hold. Understanding its importance, we supported it again in 2020 and once again in 2021.

    The bus is currently in production. The total cost of the project is estimated at about $950,000.

    Kenmure Fights Cancer has donated a total of
    $148,000.56 toward this project!

      We can't wait to see it!

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      Exam Room Dedications - We Support You

      Kenmure Fights Cancer

      Kenmurians Betty Roemer, Candace Lewis, Karen Balkman, Sally Hale, Dick Roemer, Karen Pryde, Cliff Brown, Paige Willms, Betty Brown and Susan Bush celebrate the naming of Exam 1 for Kenmure Fights Cancer in 2016

      Two exam rooms carry the name of Kenmure Fights Cancer.

      Kenmure Fights Cancer, c/o Susan Bush, 2022 President, 328 Kenmure Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731

      Contact: Home (828) 692-1281 or Cell (828) 243-7249 or susan@libertymanuals.com

      Kenmure Fights Cancer has both Donor-Advised and Designated Funds with the Community Foundation of Henderson County.

      Website: www.cfhcforever.org                  Contact: (828) 697-6224

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