Donor Recognition Policy

Persons who donate $500 or more to the Honor Board in a given year are named "Ambassadors" and are invited to attend two special events:

  • Private reception and tour of the cancer centers. Each year, the hospitals take turns hosting the reception. 
  • 2023 Ambassador Reception: Pardee Hospital. September 6, 2023 at 5 pm.
  • Annual Kenmure Fights Cancer Check Presentation Luncheon.
  • 2023 Check Presentation: KCC. October 6, 2023 at 12:00 pm.
Donor Policies

Kenmure Fights Cancer has three policies relative to donations and participation in our events. They are listed in full at the bottom of this page.

Policy 1 gives our model and states that events are separate and donations to one do not entitle the donor to participation in any other. We can, however, develop a package for tax deductible portions of events upon request.  

Policy 2 states that persons who donate $500 or more in a given year will be named "Ambassadors" and will be invited to attend the Private Hospital Reception and Tour, as well as the Check Presentation Luncheon (see above).

Policy 3 states that 
  • Donations to the Honor Board by individuals and personal foundations are kept private within Kenmure. 
  • However, the hospitals do have recognition programs. 
  • Therefore, the hospitals will recognize our donors of $500 or more in the same manner as those who made contributions directly to the hospitals.
  • Donors of $500 or more (who wish to be recognized) will have their names on plaques as are other donors to the hospitals.
  • Each Kenmure Fights Cancer donor will receive recognition for their full donation at both hospitals.
  • The hospitals will also take turns each year hosting a small reception and cancer center tour for these very generous contributors.
  • Please note: Donors are contacted for permission before contact information is shared with either hospital.
  • Corporate Donations may be published unless otherwise indicated by the donor.

Policy 1. Combining Projects/Events for Donors:

  • A.    Our model is to have several smaller events rather than one large one. Each event stands alone, with participants purchasing admission to events and/or making a donation.
a.     Cash Donations: If a donor wishes to combine his/her desired projects/events into a single donation, a package can be developed. The donation will be tax deductible, except for the cost of goods or services.
b.     Donations in Kind: Gratefully accepted for projects such as raffles, online and silent auctions, etc. These offerings do not, regardless of value, entitle the donor to participate in other projects/events at reduced cost or cost free.

Approved by Board of Directors, June 5, 2017

Policy 2: Kenmure Fights Cancer Ambassadors

  • The Kenmure Fights Cancer Ambassadors group (previously known as Ambassador’s Club) was formed to recognize individuals who donate $500 or more in any given year.  They are invited to attend the Check Presentation Luncheon (at their own expense) and presented with a certificate.

Approved by Board of Directors, August 3, 2017

Policy 3 – Publication of Donations

  • A.    Individuals and/or their personal foundations: Kenmure Fights Cancer does not publish amounts of donations from individual contributors. This is done to encourage contributions of all sizes and to maintain the community spirit of the organization.
a.  Exceptions:
i.     Kenmure Fights Cancer Ambassadors: Membership may be published, but not the amount donated.
ii.     Beneficiaries (hospitals or others): The beneficiaries may recognize donors in any way they see fit, if agreed to by both parties.
  • B.    Corporations: Donations by Sponsors and/or other corporate entities may be published unless otherwise indicated by the donor.

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