Super Signs!


    Dedicate a Super Sign! 

    1 sign = 4 displays

    • Golf Tournament: May 31, 2023 and

    • Gala Dinner: May 31, 2023 and

      • Tennis/Pickleball Round Robins: June 10, 2023 and
      • Kenmure Krush 5k/1k Walk, Run: September 21, 2023

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      • Newbies: Get one or more new standard signs (18" x 27"): $125 each.
      • Repeater: (1) previous sign: $95.
      • Regular Repeaters: (2) or (3) or (4) previous signs: $85 each. 

      • Reliable Repeaters: (5 or more) previous signs: $75 each
      • SUPER SPONSOR SIGN: Get a BIG sign (24" x 36") with special positioning. $250 each.
          • Great for businesses or anyone who wants to be sure their sign is seen!
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          • Contact Lorraine Watson at (619) 846-6314 or lorraine@davidrwatson.com


      • New signs:
        • Golf Tournament: May 17, 2023
        • Kenmure Krush: Sept 7, 2023
      • Existing signs:
        • Golf Tournament: May 29, 2023
        • Kenmure Krush: Sept 19, 2023

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      • Donations made by cash or check are tax deductible. You will get a tax receipt from the Community Foundation.
      • You may charge to your KCC account, but that method is not tax deductible.
      • Credit card payments are tax deductible ONLY if made through the Community Foundation portal. 

      Dedications will be posted as soon as possible after they are received.

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        Chair: Dick Roemer

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          • 15 Apr 2024
          • 05 Sep 2024
          • Kenmure Country Club
          Super Signs!

          5 for the money!

          These commemorative signs will be seen by players at our sporting events. They are also displayed in front of the clubhouse for the Gala Dinner.

          Super Signs! are displayed at the 

          Golf Tournament and  Gala Dinner and Tennis/Pickleball Event

          and on Kenmure Drive on Labor Day 

          and at the Kenmure Krush 5k/1k Walk, Run!

          Donations are tax deductible!!!

          Click here for more information!

            Chair: Beth Couch

          These sign dedications have been received for 2023

          Donor   In Memory, Honor, Support 
           Bob & Gail Boll Justin Doty
           Couch Jon & Beth
          • Frank Baker

          • Sandy Fellows
           Claude Cross

           Berenice Franke

           Amos & Gail Dawson

           Pam Dawson Dearstyne
           Carol Murphy Dickerman Jim Belgin

          Terry Eisenhower Signature Properties

           Sydney Bailey (2)

           Pam (& Goodhue) Fuhrer

           Bill Fuhrer, my super father

          Chuck & Geri Gaworski

           Erna Gaworski &  Germaine Pogachnik
           John & Karen Gerni

           MaryBeth Bobilya-Lobdell

           Mark Goldstein & Lisa Raufeisen
          • Sam Goldstein

          • Artie Luebers

          • Audrey MacKenzie

           Barbara & Bob Hager

           There's always hope
           Jim & Karen Herrmann
          • Alicemarie Herrmann

          • Claire Dowd

          • Sonja Herrmann

           Donna & Fred Johnson

           Ann M. Bridges 
             Jane & Zack Johnson
            •  Cheryl Johnson

            • Randy Johnson & Gwen Root
            • Libbi Sargent

            Kenmure Fights Cancer BOD

             Susan Bush

            Kenmure Women's Golf Assoc.

             Board Members
             Malcolm & Mary Kessinger
            •  Therese Byrne Quitta

            •  Sara Anne Quitta
             Eugenia & Colin Larsen
            •  Michael McCraw

            • Farfar - Kurt Larsen

             David & Sharon Leiman

            • To those we have lost, we remember (3 signs)

            • To those battling, we battle with you (3 signs)

            •  For our sister Sharon (the shorter) Leiman.
              Always smiling And battling the battle!

            • Phyllis & Greg Smith
              Battling together. Your always friends Sharon & David Leiman 

             Patrick & Candice   McGinnis 

             Kenmure Fights Cancer

             Gary & Ann Pasek

             Sara Moyer Carpenter

             Bill & Judy Pendergast
            •  MiMi Pendergast Glogowski

            •  Margaret Wolfe, A True Warrior
             Karen & Chip Pryde
            •  In support of our son, Michael, in his ongoing battle against cancer

            •  In support of all those fighting cancer and their families
             Francoise & Chuck Riecker 
            • Katherine Gee 

            • Jane Ann Ullman Page

            • Ruth Riecker Kopical

            • Veronique Legley-de Goussencourt

            • Jere Michele Dabbs

            Bill & Leslie Robins

             Carol & Richard, Alice & Page

             Steve & Karen Samuelson

             For those we have lost and those still fighting
             Frank Santos

             Dan Dantin

             Marie Serrano

             Leslie Garber

             Steven & Ruth Siegel

             Carole Rilling
             Bill and Karen Skelton

             Jean Stuckey

             James & Denise Todd

             Brenda Thomas (Mom)

             Elaine Topodas

             Jonathan Topodas

             Alan & Terry Van Ostenbridge

             Lynne Barrows
             Steve & Paula Webb

             Paul P. Greene

            Kenmure Fights Cancer, c/o Susan Bush, 2024 President, 328 Kenmure Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731

            Contact: Cell (828) 243-7249 or susan@libertymanuals.com

            Kenmure Fights Cancer has both Donor-Advised and Designated Funds with the Community Foundation of Henderson County.

            Website: www.cfhcforever.org                  Contact: (828) 697-6224

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