How Advent Health H'ville uses funds

All Kenmure Fights Cancer funds are designated for the main facility in
Hendersonville and its related facilities in Western North Carolina.

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2020 funds were used to purchase a new H & E Stainer.

The AdventHealth Cancer Services team is in need of a new H&E Stainer for the Pathology lab.

Pathology stainers begin the diagnostic journey for cancer patients by identifying disease in the tissue. They are the decision makers for the Oncologist because cells are normally transparent.

  • When a mass is sent to the lab, the stainer helps get clear margins by coloring the cells. They can then be diagnosed and staged (see illustrations above), permitting the Oncologist to determine:
  • If the cells are cancerous or benign.
  • The prognosis.
  • Treatment recommendations such as chemo and/or radiology.

The existing stainer is almost 20 years old and is manually operated. The new model offers:

  • Automated protocol (it can be set for breast, fibroid, colon mass, etc.).
  • Faster processing, resulting in less patient wait time.

AdventHealth had planned to purchase the stainer this year but due to COVID-19, all capital expenditure items have been placed on hold.

  • The cost of the machine is approximately $36,200. 
  • The new model is much larger than the existing machine, so a minor space remodel will be necessary. This cost is in addition to that of the machine itself.

They will proudly display a Kenmure Fights Cancer naming plaque in the lab waiting room.

2019 funds were used to update the Breast Biopsy Center.

  •  In 2014, the Breast Biopsy room at AdventHealth was opened and dedicated in part to Kenmure Fights Cancer.
  • Technology has advanced and it is time to replace it with the latest  model. 
  • Note: Last year's project did not go forward because the bus was deemed mechanically unfit. Therefore, those funds will be combined with those from this year for the above upgrade.

2018 funds were intended for redesign of their existing Wellness on Wheels vehicle, however, it was deemed mechanically unsound and therefore unsuitable for the intended purpose. These funds were applied to the 2019 project (see above).


2016 and  2017 funds were used to help revamp the entire infusion center in Fletcher. 

2016 funds were designated to revamp and revitalize the patient resource library. Once those funds were made available, Linda Richards, Administrative Director of Park Ridge Cancer Services, went a step further by exploring the option of renovating the entire infusion center.

Combining 2016 and 2017 funds, they redesigned the research library as originally planned, purchased additional heated recliners for infusion patients, provided a table next to each chair for personal items and outlets for cell phones, tablets, etc. They also installed a sound system with music, providing “white noise” for patient privacy. By reorganizing the use of space, the center appears much larger than before.

Heated  Recliners for Infusion Patients

ยท     Patients and staff love these heated recliners because they ease the discomfort of cold chemotherapy infusions that sometimes extend to six hours.  The chairs are very comfortable and even have a lever to help with smaller patients. Our 2015 funds helped purchase more than sixteen of these chairs for Park Ridge Health.


In addition to the Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Room, Kenmure Fights Cancer has improved patient care with other invaluable items.

State of the art Infusion Pumps

2014 funds went toward the purchase of additional Hospira Infusion Pumps.
  • Smart pumps have built-in drug libraries that help to improve patient safety. They decrease medication errors and monitor vital signs, thereby identifying reactions to chemotherapy drugs.
  • They also decrease paperwork, allowing the nurses to spend more time on chair-side patient care.
At left, Nicole White, a Park Ridge RN explains how pleased both patients and staff are with this equipment.

Electronic Door Openers

A patient once said to Debbie Gentry, Oncology RN (left), "I can dress myself, drive my car and generally get around as well in my wheelchair as others on two feet. That independence ends, however, when I get to the door of the Infusion Unit because I have to wait for someone to come and open the door." This statement led to our gifts of two sets of Electronic Door Openers.

One of the door openers is on the wall, immediately to Debbie's left.

Easing pain for those with hard-to-find veins

We have helped purchase equipment that aids in locating patients' veins for more comfortable treatment.

Kenmure Fights Cancer, c/o Susan Bush, 2021 President, 328 Kenmure Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731

Contact: Home (828) 692-1281 or Cell (828) 243-7249 or susan@libertymanuals.com

Kenmure Fights Cancer has donor advised and designated funds with the Community Foundation of Henderson County.

Website: www.cfhcforever.org                  Contact: (828) 697-6224

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